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At U Drive with Clare your one hour driving lessons REALLY do last a FULL one hour, and because your driving lessons are one-to-one, with no back seat passengers, learning to drive with u drive with Clare is great value for money. Door to door or agreed pick up points service for all individuals.

For those of you who live a little further afield or perhaps just want to progress more quickly, I also offer 1½ hour and 2 hour driving lessons. However, if you really need to get up to driving test standard quickly, then may be one of my intensive driving courses is for you instead.


Block Bookings

If you prefer to pay in advance I offer 10hr block bookings for £320. Saves having to find money for each lesson. Great Birthday Gift!

Under 17 lessons

Can't wait to start learning? No need for a provisional licence. I can provide off road lessons. 

This would include:

Getting to know the vehicle

Clutch control


Junctions as a passenger

Gap spotting as a passenger

one manoeuvre

By the time your behind the wheel yourself you will be more familiar with routines, control and confident. 

Intensive and Semi intensive courses

Intensive courses are designed for individuals who don’t have the time to commit, or need to pass as a requirement for i.e. work.

35 hrs One week intensive course Ideal if you have limited time £1150

35 hrs Two or more week Semi intensive Ideal if you have more time and more comfortable learning pace £1050

20 hrs Intensive or semi intensive Ideal if you already know the basics of car control £600

15 hrs Intensive or semi intensive Nearly test standard but requires additional training £450

10 hrs Intensive or semi intensive Failed a test and require additional training £320

1.5 hrs Assessment Drive Assess which course best suits you. £50.00

1 hr Additional hrs if required standard not reached and additional hrs required. £35

These courses can be spread over any time period. However, I recommend doing no more than 30 hours tuition in any one week as experience has shown us that pupils do not gain the full benefit from their lesson time when doing more than 30 hours per week. If you wish to do over 30 hours, we suggest doing this over a longer period of time which could be 2-3 weeks or more depending on your availability. This enables you to get the maximum benefit from the course and is more successful on practical test day.


As a guide, the DSA says that it takes on average 45 hours worth of professional tuition to reach test standard. If you have had no experience of driving before, please bear this in mind as you may require more lessons than you think, so extra time should be allowed for this. I have a high reputation at their local test centres, and it is important you take advice from me if I believe you require more lessons. I am under no obligation to take you to test if I believe your driving is dangerous.

Mock test service


Get yourself ready for the test itself, the biggest fear people have is the unknow of what is expected on the test. Performance can be different under test pressure. This service is ideal to identify problem areas and if performance would be altered by nerves.


Pass Plus

I personally recommend Pass Plus due to the lack of experience of dual carriageways, motorways and bigger city driving. Yes you have passed your test but the min 6hr extra training can further enhance your knowledge and skill to keep yourself safe on the ever busy roads. You might want to go to Aberdeen or Inverness or experence the motorways down Edinburgh or Glasgow.  Time would be charged by the hr.

Refresher driving lessons

Once you have passed your practical driving test you may feel quite nervous about certain aspects of driving, indeed driving on your own for the first couple of times can be quite daunting. For whatever reason, also, you may not acquire a car for some time after passing your practical driving test and may feel a little rusty. Whatever your circumstance a refresher driving lesson/lessons may be just what you need to help build your confidence up to start driving independently. Whether it be help with parking or may be driving in the dark, simply let me know what you would like help with and I can design a course that is tailored to your needs.


Parent tuition Lessons

J ust because you have chosen to not go with an instructor to keep costs down I can still assist once ,twice or more by assess driving, give pointers on areas individuals are struggling. Provide guidance for the test itself. 

Alternatively a Mock test can be arranged to give experience of what the actual test will be like.

A stranger sitting beside you as your driving will give a feel of how you would cope in the real live test. Requirements to pass a test nowadays is much harder than when we sat our tests.

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